Interview with Youtube Guitarist Chris Zoupa


This blogpost will be in english.

The last couple months I’ve had a lot of time to practice the guitar. One of the most important tools for learning new songs, and improving your skills, is Youtube videos, and an evergrowing amount of videos out there can teach you skills, songs, solos or techniques to spice up your practice schedule.

One of the contributors, that quickly attracted my attention, was the guitarist Chris Zoupa and the site Learn That Solo. He teaches solos from famous songs, mostly in the metal genre, and often ones that require advanced techniques and excellent skill, something that Chris delivers.

When I asked him for an interview with Musikvidenskab i dag, he instantly agreed. I wanted to interview him to find out, how much work and effort goes into the recording of a solo.
As I try to explain in the beginning of the video, if all we had was the records and youtube videos, we wouldn’t know how much hard work goes into the music that we listen to.

In the interview, Chris explains how he goes about preparing and recording the song.
Besides this, he was also kind enough to talk about his aspirations as a musician.

We ended up with a talk about how Chris as a professional musician can use Youtube in a number of ways:
– as a way of learning and challenging himself, of pushing himself to take his playing to the best level he can
– as a way of connecting with others. Both with the viewers, and the excitement of having the first 100 subscribers. And also with other guitarists, some of which end up contributing to his coming solo album.
– as a financial support, and something that has enabled him to make money giving Skype lessons, has earned him endorsements with the famous guitar company PRS, and landed him a gig with his last band.

Please enjoy this video, even though the editing is obviously less than perfect, and I didn’t know what I was doing, and only discovered that you could “full screen” the recording in the end.

It’s a long video, and for the busy blogconsumer I will prepare a “Too Long, Didn’t Watch”-rundown of the best of what Chris answered to my questions.

Best wishes, Peter


God weekend og god øvning!


Bloggen ønsker god weekend med denne video, en historisk gennemgang af guitarens udvikling.

Jeg hørte for nylig Søren Berlev udtale i et interview, at den elektriske guitar ikke fyldte så meget i musikbrugeres bevidsthed som den havde gjorde. Ligesom alt andet i verden er der høje og dale i guitarens popularitet, men denne video nævner en del nytidige artister, der er kendt som gode guitarister – samtidig med at de er gode sangskrivere.

Jack White, Josh Homme og John Mayer har en stor del af skylden for at der stadig er unge mennesker, der samler guitaren op, for at lære musik at kende og forhåbentlig prøve at skabe deres egen musik.

Der kommer en gennemgang af et andet guitarværk snart her på bloggen. Indtil da erklærer jeg mig helt enig i videoens pointe:

Learn to play an instrument – because it’s fun!